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action e
semi-automatic cabinet assembly clamp

The electro mechanical cabinet clamp action e is the solution for the assembly of cabinets. The automatic set-up allows to a simple use of the clamp.
This automatic machine is suitable for all cabinet manufacturers, with low productive volumes (up to 30 cabinets/shift).


Better quality with an effective pressing on the entire surface (comb system).

Maximum ease of use by means of buttons.

Straight-sided and in-square work due to the use of properly dimensioned screws.

Technical data

action e
Cabinet lenght mm 250 ÷ 2400
Cabinet depth mm 250 ÷ 700
Cabinet height mm 270 ÷ 1100
Pressure power kN 15
Working height mm 600
Weight ton 2,2
Medium stroke mm/s 50

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