Anthropomorphic painting robot

Maximum flexibility and excellence for painting 3D objects. The iGiottoApp technology is the state of the art in automation integrated in the finishing field.



iGiottoApp is the robotic system that combines the best painting technologies with the outstanding performances of 6-axis anthropomorphic robots. iGiottoApp is able to offer all the versatility today’s market demands.

iGiottoApp is equipped with the new C-Vision 3D reading system, capable of precise acquisition of the positions, dimensions and forms of incoming workpieces, automatically generating spraying trajectories even on pieces of different shapes and sizes.

iGiottoApp: configuration with 1 anthropomorphic robot
iGiottoApp X2: configuration with 2 anthropomorphic robots

Both configurations can be equipped with a two-stage paper filter system or water curtain filtration systems for finishes of the highest quality.

iGiottoApp can be equipped with a paper or carbon fibre (CFB) conveyor belt.
The paper conveyor option is the more economical solution for non-recoverable paints. This configuration features an electrically controlled belt tensioning, pay-off and take-up system that guarantees a perfectly clean workpiece support surface. The configuration with CFP belt resting on a carriage extracted lengthwise maximises paint recovery and belt cleaning, thanks to the patented HCD system. This ensures a constantly clean working area, guarantees perfect workpiece adherence to the supporting surface and minimises maintenance.

The iGiottoApp software draws on Cefla’s twenty-year experience in spraying robotics. This control software allows programming of all painting cycles for every single bench. The software plots and controls all robot movements, from the simplest sequence of operations to the most sophisticated trajectories.
Thanks to the Anticollision-3D function, in the iGiottoApp X2 configuration this Cefla proprietary software enables robots to invade each other’s working areas in complete independence. With this software, iGiottoApp X2 can operate in 3 different modes: stopped bench, oscillating (ROC mode) or tracking.


  • SPRAYING ROBOTS: 1 robot (iGiottoApp), 2 robots (iGiottoApp X2).
  • OVERSPRAY FILTRATION: dry or water.
  • CONVEYOR SYSTEM: paper or CFB.


  • Unbeatable flexibility
  • Cefla proprietary software
  • Patented HCD cleaning system.
  • C-Vision 3D latest-generation reading barrier
  • Capability for asynchronous operation on workpieces with different shapes and sizes in X2 version, thanks to the Anticollision-3D function.

Application Fields

Focus on

The iGiottoApp software enables this anthropomorphic robot to offer the utmost flexibility, in both configurations. In the X2 version, the Anticollision-3D function allows the two robots to be used independently, working simultaneously on workpieces with different shapes and sizes.


  • Wood
  • Fibre cement
  • Insulating materials
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Leather
  • etc


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