SCM Morbidelli M100


CNC machine with rich capacity of routing tools and drilling bits to fulfill any requirement in wood and similar materials working industry.

- More performant, with drilling spindles 8.000 rpm and Ro.Ax. technology, the most rigid spindle on the market with more than 1.000 hrs usage without maintenance required - Fully equipped, excludable and configurable pods on TV FLEX table to set-up properly the working area according any requirement - Quick and intuitive programming with integrated cad-cam module MAESTRO CNC - Best usage easiness, full access to the working table thanks to lowered bottom frame, integrated electrical cabinet and vacuum pump and no fences at all in PRO SPACE configuration

1. High dynamics package Set of motors and axis drives to increase the maximum speed of X-Y-Z axes when the operating unit is not processing.

2. Air conditioning on electrical cabinet It maintains the temperature inside the electrical cabinet within the values of a correct machine use.

3. WIRED REMOTE CONTROL, practical device for the operator to carry out with him the main commands of the machine

4. FAST14 linear tool changer

5. RO.AX F23L drilling head The drilling unit is equipped with new roto-axial technology Ro.Ax.

Technical data

Working area X 3115 mm
Working area Y 1620 mm
Panel clearance Y 1900 mm
Panel clearance Z 1800 mm
Cross sandingbeltwidth 150mm
Cross sandingbeltlength 5000mm
1st unit motor power (driven by inverter) (kw/hp) 15 (20)
2nd/3rd unit motor power (kw/hp) 11 (15)
Feedbeltmotorpower (kw/hp) 0,6/1,3 (1,8/1,7)
Feedspeed (M/Min) 4,5/9