KDT 6032

An efficient and accurate automatic multi row drilling machine.Auto feeding&unloading, which is fast, accurate, time-saving and labor-saving. Three plates can be processed at the same time, which is more efficient. Vertical drill rows using quick release clutch, more convenient.

1.This unit includes 1-4 groups of vertical drill rows and 2 groups of horizontal drill rows, which can be combined freely;

2.Suitable for process of narrow panel, could drill in 3 sides at one process, which is faster and more efficient

3.Extended table and the processing length in X direction is increased to 1850mm

4. Three plates can be processed at the same time, more efficient;

5.Auto feeding & unloadingļ¼Œfast and accurate, time-saving and labor-saving;

Technical data

PACKAGE SIZE(X Y Z) mm 3450mm 1925mm 1720mm
POWER(kW) 12.55
Working Pressure(MPa) 0.6-0.8