Features: full auto edge banding machine, pre-milling +gluing +end cutting +rough trimming(model A with double fine trimming) + fine trimming + scraping +buffing(model G with double buffing )Apply to many kinds of panel edge banding. With basic functions: pre-milling, gluing, end cutting, trimming, corner trimming, scraping, buffing function, it meets the basic needs panel edge banding.

1.Work with rough and fine trimming, improving the cutter service life

2.PLC auto control system: feeding speed 15-23m/min

3.Auto lifting

4.Temperature holding function, automatically turn into a lower temperature stage after certain idle period, save electricity and prevent glue carbonization; improve efficiency and save energy

5.End cutting lubrication system: make sure end cutting unit run smoothly , improving parts service life

6.The minimum width of the work piece is 40mm, a perfect and efficient solution to the traditional manual edge banding for narrow panel.

Technical data

PACKAGE SIZE(X Y Z) mm 6882mm 1000mm 1730mm
POWER(kW) 26.39
Working Pressure(MPa) 0.6